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Elevate your leveling projects with the STANLEY Aluminum Level, featuring an improved design for exceptional clarity and durability.

- Sharp Visibility: This level boasts 25% larger vials with enhanced clarity, making it easier to see the bubbles at a glance, even in challenging lighting conditions. No more squinting or awkward positioning to achieve a perfect level.
- Built to Last: The rugged I-beam aluminum body ensures long-lasting performance and reliable accuracy on the job site. This level can withstand tough environments and repeated use.
- Read from Any Angle: The 270° top-read vial allows for easy reading from multiple positions, minimizing awkward postures and maximizing comfort during use.
- Superior Strength: The vials are engineered for superior strength, reducing the risk of damage or leakage during use, even if accidentally dropped.
- Easy to Find, Easy to Use: The bright yellow color makes the level easy to spot on busy worksites, saving you valuable time searching for misplaced tools. The integrated pipe edge allows for level measurement on curved surfaces, adding versatility to your toolbox.

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the STANLEY Aluminum Level is a valuable addition to your toolkit, providing exceptional accuracy, reliable performance, and increased ease of use.

Material: Aluminum
Length: 36" (90 cm)
No. of Vials: 3
Technical Details
Manufacturer Stanley
Part Number STHT42075-LA
Keywords 42-075 42075 142075 951B42075 95IB42075 STHT42075-LA STA0432
UPC 076174420753


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