Diablo Sanding Belt, Assorted Grits

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Diablos assorted sanding belt packs include a variety of grits needed to complete your sanding project. Featuring break-through innovations, Diablo's sanding belts improve performance, extend life and increase productivity, saving you time and money on the job. Coated in a premium zirconium grit blend, these belts remove material faster and offer an extra long sanding life. Clog-SHIELD, Diablo's own blend of grinding agents, reduces loading thus maximizing productivity. The superior grit-to-backing bond, ENDURA-BOND, provides Diablo's sanding belts with longer life and extreme durability.

Technical Details
SKU 318422
Manufacturer Freud Inc
Part Number DCB318ASTS05G
Keywords Sanding Belt DCB318ASTS05G 318422
Short Description 5PK 3X18 AST SAND BELT
UPC 00008925145165


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