Masking Tape, 36mm(1-1/2") x 54.8mm[60Yd] [IPG]

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A utility PG500 grade accordian wrap masking tape that is designed for sealing small packages, light bundling, holding, labeling, and short term paint masking applications. The aggressive synthetic adhesive insures good coverage. It unwinds easily for easy application. When used for paint masking in areas exposed to the sun, remove within 3 hours. All rolls are individually wrapped to keep stock clean and neat on the shelf.

Width 1.41 In.
Length 60 Yd.
Color Beige
Technical Details
SKU 784798
Manufacturer Intertape Polymer Group
Part Number 5102-15
Keywords 1.41" G/P MASKING TAPE
Short Description 91393
UPC 077922711833


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