DEWALT 5/16 In. x 5 In. Masonry Drill Bit

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Product Details

The DeWalt Percussion Masonry Drill Bit is a carbide tip design improves bit life. Hardened body for extra strength and reduced breakage. Four flute design provides efficient dust removal to reduce heat build-up also adding to bit life. Two cutter carbide tip maximizes carbide surface contact for longer bit life. For use in percussion and rotary drilling applications in rotary drills and hammer drills. 1 bit per pouch.

Diameter 5/16 inches
Length 6 inches
Flute Length 4 inches
Shank Diameter 5/16 inches
Material Piloted Carbide
Technical Details
SKU 315451
Manufacturer Black & Decker/DWLT
Part Number DW5228
Keywords DeWalt, Masonry Drill Bit, Concrete, 5/16 x 6 inch, DIY Projects, Home Improvements, DW5228
Short Description 5/16X6 MASONRY DRILL BIT
UPC 00028874052284


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