Black Jack 10.1 Oz. Neoprene Super Flash Cement

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A unique professional-grade elastomeric flashing and repair product that cures to a long-lasting rubber membrane. This product remains flexible through extreme temperature ranges and seals leaks on wet or dry surfaces, or through standing water. For the construction and repair of all flashing, parapet walls, coping and chimneys. Ideal for sealing cracks, holes, and tears in built-up roofs (asphalt and coal tar) and modified bitumen single plys. On composition and built-up, flat roofs, open any breaks or blisters to be patched and permit to dry out before filling. Also excellent cement for sealing laps in sheet metal roofs. Can also be used as a patch and repair for EPDM rubber sheets. This product is not intended for use as an adhesive. Elongation 250% - flexible and watertight for up to 30 years. Surfaces must be clean from oil, grease, dust, and other foreign materials prior to application. Not for use under roof felts and membranes or for adhering shingle tabs.

Container Size 10.1 oz
Material Neoprene
Color Black
Technical Details
SKU 116327
Manufacturer Gardner Gibson
Part Number 1010-9-66
UPC 027134101069


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