Irwin Marathon 5-3/8 In. 24-Tooth Framing/Ripping Circular Saw Blade

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Thinner kerf provides faster, cleaner, more exacting cuts. C3 carbide tipped teeth are precision honed and impact-resistant to hold their edge longer. Unique shoulder design puts more support behind each tooth for smoother, more exact cuts. Specially engineered heat vents eliminate blade warping. All except 3-3/8", 5-3/8", 5-1/2", 6-1/2", 9" and larger have diamond knockout.

Blade Diameter 5-3/8 In.
Tooth Count 24-Tooth
Blade Material Carbide
Arbor Size 10 mm
Maximum Speed 8500 rpm
Hook Angle 23 Degree
Kerf 0.063 In.
Applications Wood
For Use With Cordless Circular Saw
Technical Details
SKU 365157
Manufacturer Irwin
Part Number 14017
Keywords 5-3/8"24T MARATHON BLADE
UPC 024721140173


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