6 - 5/8in Adjustable Block Plane [Stanley]

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Adjustable block plane. Popular priced hand adjustable plane. Bottom ground, tempered steel cutter. Blue finish with cast-in finger rest. Red finish lever. To adjust cutter for thickness of shavings; loosen wheel, move cutter endwise as required. 6-5/8".

Machined sides
Cutter rests at a 21 degree angle, ideal for cross-grain planing
Thickness and evenness of shavings can be changed by loosening the clamping wheel and manually adjusting cutter
Gray, cast-iron base with precision-ground sides and bottom
Durable epoxy coating provides long-lasting protection
Finger-rest at front of plane adds comfort and control
Replacement Iron 12-330

Length 6-5/8 In.
Cutter Width 1-5/8 In.
Technical Details
SKU 395412
Manufacturer Stanley
Part Number 12-247
Keywords 6-5/8" BLOCK PLANE, jack plane, woodworking
UPC 076174122473

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